Mandera Massacre: what a shame!

When west gate happened, Kenyans were inconsolable….when Mandera massacre happened people were and are still shocked! Unlike the west gate attack that was blamed to a large scale on Immigration department, this one the blame is being apportioned to the police and military among other persons. Police because it is internal and the military because the killers came from Somalia. I am tempted to heap blame on someone but I choose not! However me thinks that the man now at the helm of Kenya Immigration department Mj. Gen (Retired)Dr. Gordon O. Kihalangwa should probably be transferred to Jogoo house to head the police! I mean I like the zeal with which he is running immigration! I think as the IG he will do much more in service of this country!
I could be very wrong but at this point, until convinced otherwise, I feel he is the Man for IG!
RIP to all those whose lives were brutally cut short by the messengers of death!

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