If you are in the process of applying or planning to apply for a dependent pass for your spouse, children or any other person in Kenya, here are a few simple facts that you must know:

You can apply for a dependent pass for the following:

1. Legally Married spouse of opposite sex ( Marriage certificate a must).

2. Your children below the age of 18 years ( Birth certificates showing your relationship to them required)

3. Any other person that absolutely depends on you eg parents, brother or sister among others( You Must qualify this using documentary evidence such as medical documents etc)

NB: The following people SHALL NOT be given a dependent pass in Kenya:

1. Gay couples.

2. Un-married partners.

3. Fiances/boyfriends or girlfriends.

4. people who are a security threat to Kenya to mention just but a few.

Although spouses of Kenyans are entitled to a dependent pass on application in the prescribed manner, the Department of Immigration vets all such applications and considers them on case by case and may at any time request for additional documents to support the application….such application can also be rejected!

( please watch this space for step by step process of applying for a dependent pass)


  1. Hi,
    I am married to a Kenyan and in the process of getting a dependants pass. Do you have advise, if a work permit is at the moment not feasible, what i could do to be able to work?


  2. Hi, i have recently married a kenyan cititzen, we are in the process of getting a dependants pass – apart from a work permit, what other options do i have to engage in any kind of work or business?


  3. dear sir

    I am working in kenya since 2007, i have valid work permit.but I lost the dependent passes which I got for my kid and wife, how can I gen duplicates,


  4. Hi I have a Dependent Pass for Kenya I was married to a Kenya. However we have separated and he has told me that he has gone and canceled my dependent pass. Is this possible? We are not legally divorced I don’t think only with the mosque but have not signed any divorce paper. Can someone just go and cancel your dependent pass without informing another person?


  5. Hello, I have a work permit (2 yrs) and wish to bring my mother over as a dependent. Can I apply for a 2 yr dependent visa for her? How long can she stay at one stretch on a dependent visa? Like in the UK you have to leave the country after 6 months and come back (even if the visa is valid for 2 years).


  6. Hi, My husband is relocating to Nairobi. I will be accompanying him on a dependent visa. I wish to work there too. Will I be able to get a work permitt and find a suitable job? Please advise.


  7. Hello kindly advise.. Is it possible for me to apply for a dependent pass for my mum who happens to be Ugandan but was married by a Kenyan.. She is currently residing in Kenya but her previous pass is outdated


  8. Hello sir,
    I m married to Kenyan n I have applied for my dependent pass in April and it’s September n didn’t get my dependent pass till now sir how much time will IU t take to get my dependent pass ?
    Regards jasdeep kaur


  9. Hello sir,
    I m married to Kenyan n I have applied for my dependent pass in April and it’s September n didn’t get my dependent pass till now sir how much time will IU t take to get my dependent pass kindly reply me .

    Regards jasdeep kaur


  10. Good afternoon
    Just want to know how long will take to get a dependent pass for a child
    My wife she is a Kenyan citizen and she has applied for our daughter 3 months ago and no response so far
    My problem is that might get in trouble in case they want to travel
    Thank you for your time and your answer


  11. hello sir,

    I want to conform to you, can i able to apply dependent pass if my wife has Kenyan citizen.
    be eligible to apply PR, is it must required work permit.


  12. am a Kenyan I need to apply a dependant pass for my wife she’s a Ugandan what are the requirements and how long will it take and charges plz advise if you can do it for me plz


  13. yah just had my interview today 5th of October…..& they had nothing much to say other than say a man can’t depend on wife for this pass is permanent & since i am not incapacitated,old or sick i don’t qualify for man in Africa can not depend on a woman…..


  14. Hello sir

    I have a work permit for Kenya. I am planning to apply for a dependant pass for my wife. For my wife to work in Kenya does she need a dependent pass and a work permit or only dependant pass is enough?


  15. hi my name is shaheena,have married a pakistani man its bee 4yrs.
    we have a daughter too. kindly want to apply dependant pass for my husband is it possible and what documenta r in need
    kindly help me out.
    thank you


  16. Hi, I am currently a widow. I was previously married to a kenyan man. He passed away leaving me with four children. Can I apply for a dependant’s pass? If not, kindly advise me on the way forward. Thanks



  17. Hi i wanted to know I’m married and my husband is Kenyan citizen. We used to live in south africa until we moved to kenya because all his family his here .we have two kids together. When I first came to kenya i put visa on my passport until I couldn’t. The home affairs of kenya advised him to apply for dependant pass for me and he has applied for dependant pass through eFNS account and he has gone to home affairs with all the papers for application. Our application is been received when I looked at my efns account I wanted to know how long does it take to approve ?


  18. Dear Immigration Department,
    I had applied dependent pass of my wife in April 2018 and I got late notification of the interview at Nyayo House. I came to Nyayo house to ask for re schedule of the interview and they told me they will change for the date. Its a Month now and I have not received any email of the date change.
    Please I request the department to help me give the date so that I can came for the Interview.
    Thanks and Regards,


  19. Hi George.
    I’ve been married to my Kenyan wife since a year now and we have 3 children together born previous to marriage, all births registered with me as father.
    When I visit regularly I currently use a visitors visa and remain for up to 90 days before returning to the UK.. I am a UK passport holder and have applied for UK passports for my 3 children, currently in process.
    I am registered disabled in the UK.
    What would be the advantage of my wife applying for a dependants visa for me ? Should she also apply for Kenyan passports for our daughters ?


  20. Hi how are you, I would like to know if when the work permit is renewed, how it is renewed the pass of dependents, and if the children under 16 years old have to have a stamp pass of dependent in the passport and if the children need reentry passes stamped in the passport.



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