April the 2nd 2015, will remain in the minds of many Kenyans for a long time. 147 young, ambitious and innocent boys and girls from all walks of life across the country were felled by bullets of perverts! Savages….beasts….demons…I cannot find appropriate adjectives to properly define those terrorists. Defining them using any single adjective would be an understatement and insults to the souls of the deceased Kenyans.
As news trickled in of how the siege and subsequent massacre was executed, my mind was drawn to the events of the recent actions by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, the president and the commander in chief of the Defense Forces of Kenya. He has done what all the men that preceded him at state house knew needed to be done yet dared not to: Giving the fight against corruption the energy and impetus it needed to roll.
You may wonder what has corruption to do with the death of 147 Kenyans at the Garissa University…my answer to you is: Corruption has everything to do with the attack! In fact everything to do with it.
Whenever you see a Kenyan dying in whatever circumstance, if you dig deeper, the underlying root cause is corruption. If you look at the Ethic and Anti-Corruption Report presented to parliament by President Kenyatta during his state of the nation address, you can only come to the realization of the magnitude of plunder, looting, theft and rape of every part of the body that is Kenyan Nation! If you are fuming and reading me the constitution and the law about innocence until proven guilty and am gonna tell you a thing: go to hell, you are just part of the script. You and I know that almost 95% of people in public offices today cannot account for their wealth and give you an account of every coin they have used to amass their wealth! A case study is the ongoing circus of the Police vetting where people have employed all manner of theatrics to try and explain their wealth. ( I didn’t know crying would be used to explain one’s wealth until I saw a full grown man that would snap your life even with his bare hands if you met him just outside the vetting all).
I am waiting to see if the corrupt politicians in EACC list will shed crocodile tears in mourning the 147 children of ordinary Kenyans that were massacred in Garissa attack….I will not be surprised anyway…haven’t we seen some pretending to be philanthropic especially in availing hearses to transport poor Kenyans that have died awaiting cancer treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital for more than a year because the only two machines the hospital has had since independence have broken down?!
As I watched the numerous specialists, both genuine and fake, on National TVs trying to analyze what happened, one more thing came to mind, Kenyans will condone corruption as long as something trickles down to them in the meantime. That is why a few years back we saw demonstrations in the streets of Nairobi people chanting…( tunataka mwizi wetu…as in we want our thief)…as they demanded the release of a politicians who had been arrested for whatever reason.
I know President Kenyatta’s decision to lay bare the content of EACC report may not be accepted by many people, I will die agreeing with because he has done the right thing. We know in Kenya the law and courts systems have been used to protect thieves and perverts that have decided to transform public moneys into private money and therefore to rant at Kenyatta for not following the law is defeatist in the sense that it has not worked before….in any case I am a believer in the philosophy that ethics and morality is superior to law…some laws are bad laws and history can bail me out: Apartheid and slave trade were laws! Did that make them good and ethical because it was law? Hell No!
In conclusion though, I beg to differ with my hero President Uhuru on the 10,000 police recruits that never reported due to a court order: the judiciary CANNOT be blamed for it. We all know that enlistments into the Kenya police has been an auction where the guys with the highest bid (bribe) gets the job… we know this but pretend that it is OK! In my village, peasants sell their land to raise bribes to secure slots for their kids…do I blame them? No…they are products of the system.
My fellow Kenyans, the day we allowed the abnormal to be our normal, then we willingly accepted to abnormal occurrences like the Garissa massacre….we must get angry like the president has started doing and slay the dragon that is ferociously devouring our nation: Corruption will kill all of us good people….may be today it’s not your child that lies at the cold freezers at the city morgue, but if you don’t agree to take action…who knows the next guy to take his/her turn at the morgue?
My heart is bleeding for Kenya and the innocent deaths of those young brilliant students of Moi University-Garissa College! May you RIP comrades!

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