Interstate pass for citizens and residents of Kenya traveling to Uganda and Rwanda

a few guys had asked me about interstate pass. After consulting my colleagues at Immigration am told that citizens or residents of Kenya traveling to either Uganda or Rwanda can get the interstate pass from Immigration officers at the point of departure upon production of either a Kenyan ID/ Passsport  or Alien Registration Card for residents.

That card will then be stamped by the officer and should then be produced to the Ugandan or Rwandese Immigration officer at the point of entry. That card will then be stamped with the valid immigration status for Uganda or Rwanda. Upon return to Kenya the card is then handed over to the Kenyan Immigration officer at the port of arrival.

Please note that this is only applicable for Kenya-Rwanda-Uganda only and doesn’t suffice for Tanzania and Burundi.

So yes if you are a lawful resident of Kenya you can travel to Uganda and Rwanda without having to pay for a visa but please note you need work authorization to work in those countries.

10 thoughts on “Interstate pass for citizens and residents of Kenya traveling to Uganda and Rwanda

  1. Would it be an issue if i am in Uganda with an inter state pass from Kenya and now want to travel to tanzania instead of going back to Kenya?


  2. Its mentioned that the pass are obtained at departure points from the immigration officers. That means I dont have to visit the Ugandan embassy here in Kenya to obtain it?


  3. Dear George,
    we are heading to mombasa from Kampala with my parents who have no passports as yet kindly advise can we get temporary forms at boarder to cross


  4. can this interstate pass be extended in case i still need to be in Kenya if am a Ugandan? coz am told you have to get back to your country so that it can be renewed again, cant i get assistance from Kenyan Immigration to have it extended than going back to my country?


  5. Hi All, I’m italian, Kenyan resident with work permit stamped on my passport. I need to go to Rwanda and I’d like to know how I get the interstate pass. Should I go to the airport the same day of my trip and ask for it or I should apply before at the immigration office in Kenya?
    Thank you


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