When H.E The President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta ordered for a crackdown on illicit brews in the country, he didn’t expect that the shenanigans in the name of MPs will hijack the process and unleash a reign of terror on so many legit business including such Kenyan brands like Keroche.

I watched with amazement as the Naivasha MP led goons to attempt to inspect Keroche industries! I couldn’t believe my eyes that a lawmaker would result to such anarchy in this time and age.

Although the president was right on alcoholism being fought, I don’t agree that Politicians were the right people to do this….there are bodies set by law to do this and its is shocking that it has to take the president for people to do what they are mandated to do! where has been NACAD, KEBS, the Kenya Police, provincial administration to mention just but a few?

I  must state that I don’t take anything alcoholic but i don’t pretend to judge anybody who does… anecdote is told in my place of a man that arrested for being drunk and paraded before a magistrate…upon being asked if he agrees to the charges he replied…yes I was drunk because beer is not water! I took to be drunk!

Whereas we need to have liquors of good quality, we can not entirely accuse those that produce good quality liquor for making people drunk because that is the reason its called alcohol…not water.

A lot of legit businesses have be completely shattered by hooligans that took over this exercise…rules of natural justice can not allow a law maker to be the one to implement it! The judiciary interprets the law and the executive implements through the state apparatus…surely this madness must be stopped by someone….I could see a lot of real legitimate fear in the eyes of Tabitha Karanja ( CEO Keroche Industries) as she resisted hooligans that wanted to attack her company, livelihood and huge investment.

Mr. president, please reign on these people killing other peoples dreams….and order the state apparatus to do their job of ensuring the illicit brews are off our shelves once and for all: that is how to run a country within the confines of the law sir.

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