Starting September 1, 2015 all persons that require visa to travel to Kenya MUST apply for the visa online and have it issued before travel.

The good news is:

  1. It will take about 2 days to be issued….most of the time less…same day!
  2. The evisa portal is now separate but within the ecitizen and it is very interactive and amazingly easy to use and understand. see the links below:
  3. Important to note is that only countries that would previously get visa on arrival will be able to apply for evisa. Those under referred visa regime will continue with the usual manual application through the Kenyan Embassies in their countries of residence or through their host/companies in Nairobi…check your country here
    1. (eligibility)
  4. Validity of the evisa: Once issued the visa is valid for travel within 90 days from the date of issue…I know this confuses many people but what it mean is that you can travel on the 90th day and still be allowed entry…the Immigration officer at the point of entry will determine your length of stay in Kenya ( Usually a maximum of 90 days which can be extended at the Immigration offices in town for another 90 days making a total of 180 days maximum stay on a Visa/Visitors pass.
  5. Multiple Journey Visa applications are still NOT on the evisa platform…being done normally through the embassies/consulates or at the Immigration HQ in Nairobi.

watch this space for more


  1. Hi,

    I am a Danish citizen and I applied online on the 20th August, I havent received a response by email or anything and when I am now trying to log in to see status, the web page seems down. Can someone please HELP as I am scheduled to fly on the 18th September!



  2. Hi George,

    I am planning on traveling to Kenya and will be applying for the 90 day tourist visa April-June. I hope to have it extended to allow for a about 3-4 more weeks of travel with a friend who will be joining me near the end of my first 90 days (June – mid July). If I apply for the first visa and still purchase my flight for the extended time ultimately being 124ish days being that I would land in Nairobi in April and purchase a flight to leave in July will Immigration have a problem with my flight itinerary being longer than the first allowed 90 days ? or will they consider the option that I will be applying for an extended visa ? My friend and I would like to spend time together in Kenya and then travel to Zanzibar but will most likely return to Kenya to fly home through Nairobi. But we plan to do this only if I can get my extended visa and if it will not cause problems with immigration.

    Thank you for your help !


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