In today’s Daily Nation, back page, the chair of Parliamentary committee on education in the Kenyan Parliament ( National Assembly) The Hon Sabina Chege is quoted accusing the police of aiding and abetting malpractices in the ongoing national exams! In a quick rejoinder, the police spin doctor Charles Owino, trashes the allegations and advises her to report the issues to Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission ( EACC)

The Hon Chege goes further to say that dishonesty in our society is to blame for all this…parents buying phones for their children…then buying the leaked exams and marking schemes then sending the same to them on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc! Then come January or February when exams are released and such cheats come tops of their class and their very ‘proud’parents are all over the media hugging their ‘hard working’ children….and thanking God for a blessing! Even going to church to do a thanksgiving and testifying to the whole congregation.

Frankly speaking I am not surprised at all…. Kenya has sunk to levels that no amount of preaching can redeem us. The fact that fraudsters and thieves are our heroes and leaders then we can only get worse. The argument by the police spokes person that police have been good custodians of exams since times in memorial too does not hold much water….yes there were days that decent and honest policemen and women existed but not any longer. Almost every person I know that gets recruited into the police force has either paid their way into the force or were taken by a powerful person in government…there is nothing like fair hiring into the force. It would be ridiculous for us to expect that products of such a system will think twice before snapping at exam papers and sending to candidates…however, I must say that I do not have the facts that the Hon Chege had to make the allegations she did but I can bet that in her position she would have intel to back up her claims.

We are a country that celebrates people that get rich through theft of public funds, kids that get A grades through cheating….and did you not see the incidence on Sunday Stanchart Marathon where someone wanted to steal into the second position live on TV? On the political scene we always hear claims of stolen elections….yet we accept and move on.

In our universities today, majority of those graduating with Masters and PhDs are having their works done by hirelings and then presenting to the examiners, who are themselves by products of the same and eventually conferred with the powers to steal…sorry to read!

All this reminds me of a song…hii ni system ya majambazi!( This is thuggish system) I think it must have been by Mashifta!wherever you turn, scandals: Eurobond,NYS, Parliament, El-nino…..wheelbarrows, gates, curtains….all bought or done at inflated prices…we are outdoing each other at it….

I thought the church would help out but with the Prophets Dr Kanyaris of this world then we can only pray that some miracle will happen….in the meantime…you find your position and try to change things if you think it is possible because together we can change our society.

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