I have received numerous queries about this the PR process. Today I had a chat with the head of PR section at Kenya Immigration and can now confirm the following:

  1. The process is on but the government is not in a hurry because they have to do due diligence before issuing PR.
  2. In order to apply for PR, it is assumed that such a person MUST have resided in Kenya temporary…it is then that you can apply for PR. This therefore means that either one is on a dependent pass or a work permit before applying for a PR.
  3. There are many brokers (lone wolfs mostly) in town who will promise you that they can get your PR in a record time! be careful with such people because they are most likely going to mess your file with fake documents…this might cause you real trouble with the law….just follow the proper channels or look for credible firms to help with the process. It might be a bit slow and costly but worth every penny.


  1. George,

    Thanks for your help across this forum very beneficial.

    My wife and I will have been married for 3 years this coming August, I am a Kenyan Citizen, whilst she is an Australian National who has worked here for the last 4 years with a Class G Permit.

    Her permit expires in June and there is then a 2 month Gap before she would be eligible for PR. Consequently we are faced with two options – renew the work permit for 2 years and apply for PR in the process, or, obtain a dependants pass and apply for PR, the concern being for her if the PR application is delayed and she is unable to work.

    We have also heard from firends in a similar scenario that their application for PR is being turned down or just not processed, and this has us concerned.

    Have you had any recent dealings with the Immigration department on this front?

    Thank you in advance for your help.



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