Nairobi National Park Disappointments

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It is a bright Sunday and a friend who is visiting from Ivory Coast requests for a tour of our Nairobi National Park.A short drive from the Central Business District and there we are with much excitement and pride of showing off our spectacular rich heritage.We get to the entrance where we are to make the payments and our first drawback is when our friend is told to pay 50 dollars despite being on a student pass.The four of us pay a residential rate of Ksh 500 each and 350 for our car:In total_Ksh 7600.
Our encouragement right now is the money shall be compensated by having a great view of all the animals especially a lion. Luckily, we are dazed at the entrance by monkeys that are basking and a lazing warthog but after 2 hours of driving right and left in the park,there are no animals in view.In…

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