Addis Ababa:Ethiopia – Epitome of Development and Beauty

Beautiful story from Ethiopia.

Carolyne's World

“Carolyne,you are going to Addis next week” Came the news on one Monday morning.What a way to start the week!Excitement and anxiety build up and I immediately start visualizing the trip. Do I need a visa? Is it referred or obtained on arrival?Are the people friendly?Are they as beautiful as hyped?Is the traffic terrible?The questions are endless. I have been to other East African countries but there is definitely something unique about this visit and my instincts confirm this.
The day finally dawns, I obtain
all the necessary itineraries including yellow fever and am set to go. All the processes at JKIA are swiftly completed and at exactly 5:30 pm,the flight takes off. It is a smooth journey at an altitude of approximately 40,000 ft and within 2 hours,we arrive to Bole airport. I head to the Immigration section and a dazzling smile from an Immigration officer assures me am…

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