In view of the enormous support and patronage we have received from you in the last one year we have been around, your unique, one of its kind in Africa blog is now a segment under my brand new professional website

This was informed by the support we have received over the last one year where we had over 15,000 views! Under the website we will be able to offer you much more. I will highlight a few things we will be able to do:

  1. You will get your usual updates on trends and happenings on Kenya Immigration practice.
  2. You will get publications on a wide range of other issues…in fact you have a chance of requesting information on any area of your interest and we will get professionals to help out.
  3. If you believe you can generate content in an area you are an expert in and want a platform to share with the world, I am glad to host that in my website for free.
  4. Subscription: if you love our forum and would like to subscribe as a show of support we have a segment for that as well and it is free of charge.
  5. Inquiry: We are availing an opportunity for you to make an inquiry through our ask George and I will be able to give you some thoughts at no cost to guide you on the issues you believe I can help.
  6. Resources: we will try as much a possible to avail some commonly needed links and forms to you at no cost.
  7. Pictorials: you will be able to see a few selected pictures of anything we find interesting for our patrons…not those commonly circulated selfies but well thought our themed pictures.
  8. Events: from time to time, we will scan the net and post events we think you will be interested in.
  9. Social media presence: we will avail our presence to you through the various social media forums to make it possible to reach us in a way you feel comfortable.
  10. Giving back: we are not doing this so that you can pay us…this is our way of giving back to the world. If you feel indebted to us in any way for the information we provide here…please be free from it but should you feel that you would like to support the site in one way or another and are passionate about it, we could discuss and see how that can be allowed.
  11. if you would like us to give you an email we are happy to do that as well.

I am looking forward to a very exciting year 2016 and to what we will offer you under

I also wish to appreciate the creative designer behind this site, Javis Kinanja ( an amazing gentle man and a professional. If you need him to design your site, please check his site and write to him… I would recommend him to you any time.


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