Road Carnage

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Recent statistics by the National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) indicate that Kenya loses atleast 3000 people annually from road accidents. Economically, it is estimated that the country loses Ksh 45 billion excluding the actual lose of life. In 2016 alone,bearing in mind we are still in the first quarter of the year,more than 300 people have lost their lives as a result of road accidents. According to NTSA, the total number of fatalities has risen by 17% from 2015.This is inclusive of passengers,pedestrians and motor-cyclists.Sad and disheartening figures indeed!

I believe many lives would be preserved if car and road users accepted the reality that cars are machines that can have perilous effects if wrongly and ignorantly used.For instance,why would one carry 14 people in a 12-seater?Why drive when one cannot mumble a full sentence due to alcohol?Why overspeed on the road yet one could not wake up speedily and…

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