Overcoming the Terah Syndrome (Part 3)

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We have been looking at how to overcome what I called the “Terah Syndrome”. We started off by looking at

(1) Syndrome detected; mission derailed (Genesis 11:24-32). Then we looked at

(2) Syndrome disabled, mission resumed (Genesis 12:1-5). Today we continue with the message as we look at

(3) Syndrome destroyed, mission accomplished (Luke 5:33-39).

The context of today’s passage in Luke 5 is that Jesus was at a party when the Pharisees and some disciples of John confronted him asking why he and his disciples were feasting instead of fasting. In response to their accusations, Jesus told them what it really means to change. In other words, he told them the dangers of being stuck in Haran at the expense of God’s bigger vision of occupying Canaan. He told them the consequences of the Terah syndrome and a way to completely destroy it. This message is as relevant to…

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