George Mati Mucee (BA, MA, LLB- MPRSK)
Nairobi Kenya

Bio: I hold a Masters of Arts degree in Communication from Daystar University, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Language and Literary Studies from Moi University and a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Nairobi. I am an experienced professional with over fourteen years of service in both government and corporate world where I have worked in multicultural environments locally and internationally dealing with governments, intergovernmental, non-governmental agencies and corporates. I am well versed with government bureaucracies as well as with the corporate perspectives with a keen interest on issues of Immigration, Public Communication, governance, service delivery, poverty alleviation through localized solutions, rule of law and constitutionalism in Africa I am currently working as the Practice Leader at Fragomen Kenya in Nairobi. Immigration is my passion, my practice and my life. Awards: United Nations Peacekeeping Service Award, United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), 2013 Professional Body Membership: Full Member of Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK)

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  1. I need some help please. I have applied for a visa and been granted it, but I inadvertently got the birthdate incorrect on the application. I see no way in the new system to edit or resubmit the existing application. Do I have to start again? If I do that won’t there be a problem since I already have been issued one visa for the November travel dates??
    I don’t see any FAQ’s or anywhere that I can send an inquiry to about my question on the official site.
    Thanks in advance.


  2. I was wondering whether you are able to answer a question.
    i thought as a dependant resident in Kenya, complete with the passport page with a R- 7 digits etc. that a visa to re-enter Kenya from a trip back to Canada was not required.
    Worried that I have left it too late to get one in Canada if I do need one.

    Wishing I found your site before, interesting reading even if some of it doesn’t really apply to my situation per se.


  3. Hi. I applied for Evisa and my application gone through and I have paid . I did attach my photo ,interinary and passport. When I check application, it don’t know photo and interinary attach . What will happen nw ..?please let me know I’m travelling on 19 March 2016


  4. I just applied today for visa and I did attach all passport scan copy, my photo and interinary. When I check my application it doesn’t show I attach my photo and interinary . My passport is scan and shows attachment on application. I already submitted and paid. What will happen now if there no photo and interinary attachment. I’m travelling on 19 March 2016.


  5. Thank u George. I just wish they can make it easy. I have to do for my old mum and can I do as agent or have to make another account for her .


  6. I want to apply for online work permit renewal but I cant get form 25 template that is not in pdf format where do I go on the immigration website


  7. Planning to travel to kenya and Tanzania for a safari of 11 days.May i get a help for the following queries
    a) We have VISA from India to Kenya but during our travel we will also visit Tanzania for Seringitee location in that case border will issue VISA for tanzania or should i have to take from India
    b) What compulsory and regulatory vaccinations are required for clearance of immigration of both the countries .Only yellow fever vaccination or else…?/



  8. Hi,

    I’m a 35 year old non-Kenyan, living in the US and currently employed by a US company. The company does not have an office in Kenya and has no plans of opening one. They are happy for me to move to Kenya and work for them from there, while being paid by them. My questions are:

    (1) Class K permit: While it appears that the Class K permit was designed for retirees looking to move to Kenya and live there, would it be in order for me to apply for a Class K permit? Are there people who have done this?

    (2) Dependent’s pass for spouse: With a Class K permit for me, I presume that my wife should be eligible for a dependent’s pass? Does this allow a dependent to work or would they have to get their own work permit should they wish to work?



  9. Hi George, Thank you for posting all those useful information here.
    I have a question about PR; I have been working and living in Kenya for the last 5.5 years now, i had married my wife( kenyan citizen) in August, 2014; my son (Kenya passport holder) was born in Kenya in 2014, and now he is 2.5 years old;
    I want to know, do I qualify for the PR permit?


  10. Dear George,

    My aunt and I applied for Visas to KE on 11/04/2016. However, after submitting our applications we both realized that we had made errors on our applications. My mistakes were that I inadvertently omitted the reason for my visit and my itinerary only partially uploaded.

    in my aunt’s case her dob is incorrect on the application. It says 07/14/1941 but it should be 07/16/2016. Her itinerary also was only partially uploaded.

    Will our applications be rejected or is there someway we can have our applications edited and corrected?

    I will be anxiously awaiting your helpful response.




  11. Hello George, I was just as Arlene wondering about applications:
    On the first application, the birth place written is correct, but the “birth country”, is written wrong. However, birth place is what exists in the passport. Birth country doesn’t show in the passport and in this form instead of birth country, current nationality has been written.

    On the second application, just as Arlene, the reason for the touristical visit hasn’t been written. I don’t know how but it was missed. Is this able to repair/correct?


  12. Purchasing an article on your site_187

    Hello , We are interested buying an article on your site immigrationkenyanews.com with a link leading to a gambling site. How much will that cost?


  13. Hi George

    I was born in Kenya and then migrated to Canada in 1995, hence lost my Kenyan Citizenship. I have now applied to regain my citizenship and have followed the steps outlined in your article. My question is how long is the process to regain Kenyan citizenship?


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