Effective Immediately, all applications for all classes of Work/Residence Permits for Kenya will need to be done in the new redesigned application form number 25. This form is more user friendly and capturing more data than the earlier one. Additionally, a new checklist form has been introduced to ensure that every application presented meets all the requirements as per the law and regulations.

This is very important if one wants to avoid delays, deferrals or even possible rejection. Curiously though, Kenyanization form 27/22 is not posted in the Immigration website and no mention of what should happen. However, applicants for class D(employee work permit) are advised to always fill this form and present it alongside the application.

Should you have any query on this issue, please get in touch with me or check in the Kenya Immigration website.


  1. Mr George
    Hi, i am an invester, ie shareholder and directer of a company
    I applied for work permit on class G on the usual forms ,but now i understand new forms have to be filled in C 27 ,but cna not find this form
    Can you please email me this form on my email
    so i can down load and print or type online

    await your urgent reply and thankyou so much

    rgds; iqbal


    • Hi Iqbal
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      The correct form for applying for a work permit is form 25 but if your company is employing non Kenyans then you have to fill form 27( report on employment)
      Please do let me know which form do you really need? is it the permit application form 25 or the form 27 report on employment then I will look for it and send to you.


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