Many of my fans and followers have been asking me about the Kenyan Evisa. how effective the system is and how long does it take? Well my answer is that so far the system is working well. On average you should get your visa approved within 1 week but people must also realize that if you do not provide all documents required then your visa can as well be denied.

Please feel free to use the system but be keen to provide all the information as required and also attach required documents and photo.

About the Visa Nationals( those in the referred Visa regime) you still have to apply for your visa in the normal way and only when you have the letter of approval should you then go online and apply for the e visa to enable you travel.

People have also asked me about people that initially did not visa to enter Kenya…do they need to apply for the e visa? My answer is no…the Visa regimes have not changed, if you don’t need a visa just travel and you will be cleared the normal way.

I will keep interacting with Kenya Immigration officials to get further insights and keep you posted on this forum…keep checking good people.



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